Yearly Archives: 2018

New Allergy Study Starting Soon

Starting soon, Dr. Jay Rubin, M.D. of Eye Clinics of South Texas in San Antonio will be conducting a new allergy study to evaluate the effectiveness of a new investigational eye drop for treating signs and symptoms of eye allergies. See below for complete information or view an informational PDF. Please contact 210-826-2012 to find out…
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Why Your Doctor’s Computer Is So Clunky: Washington mandates Electronic Health Records but stands in the way of innovation

By Marion Mass and Kenneth A. Fisher                                                        March 20, 2018 6:31 p.m. ET The Trump administration this month announced its own effort to update the Electronic Health Record systems, which disrupt the doctor-patient relationship. The government could do even more good by deregulating EHRs, establishing a free market for user-friendly products. Perhaps Amazon, through its…
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Night Driving Glasses May Hurt, Not Help

Auto Cleaning and Maintenance May Improve Drivers' Vision at Night If you search the internet for help with night driving, you'll probably get numerous links to specialized night vision glasses, ranging in price from around $10 to near $100. Most have a tinted yellowish hue, and are marketed to reduce glare from headlights, streetlights and…
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