Glaucoma / Diabetes

There are mainly two types of glaucoma, open angle that is the most common and is a slow process, and narrow angle which is uncommon but more threatening to vision quickly.  Currently the mainstay of glaucoma treatment is eye drops.   These medications help to reduce the pressure inside the eye in hopes of diminishing the damage done to the optic nerve thereby preserving vision. When the drops no longer work or the patient no longer desires to use drops then we have the following options.

Normal nerve on left and abnormal cupping of nerve on right





Measuring the pressure in the eye.










Laser treatment for glaucoma

Laser treatment for glaucoma

Open angle Glaucoma-  A laser is used to treat the drainage system allowing for the increase flow of fluid thereby decreasing the pressure.  This procedure is called a trabeculoplasty.  Usually this treatment may need to be repeated , and this must be discussed with Dr. Rubin.
Narrow angle Glaucoma - Is more uncommon but can be an ocular emergency as vision may be lost in 24 hours if left untreated.  This is because the fluid in the eye has no where to go and pressure builds up rapidly.  A laser is used to make an escape channel through the iris.

I stent device

I Stents for glaucoma having cataract surgery
Recent developments have shown that i stents may improving outflow in patients with mild to moderate glaucoma and is approved only for patients having cataract surgery.  Ask Dr. Rubin more about the istent if you are having cataract surgery .