Eye Conditions/Diseases

What are some of routine eye conditions seen by the Eye Clinics of South Texas.

  1. Myopia- This is when a person can see at near distance but cannot see at distance
  2. Hyperopia -  This is when a person has trouble seeing near and usually also distance
  3. Presbyopia- This is when the eye becomes weaker around the age of 40 and the ability to read becomes more difficult.

The above 3 are the most common ocular ailments and require the use of some corrective device or procedure, such as glasses , contacts or refractive surgery.

Various diseases may be noted during comprehensive eye exams including

  1. Cataracts are the cause of half the blindness world wide and one of the most common surgeries in the Medicare population. Risk factors include diabetes, smoking, extended sunlight exposure and alcohol.
  2. Glaucoma is a compendium of eye diseases that can result in loss of vision due to damage to the optic nerve.
  3. Retinopathy is a broad term describing damage to the retina, which usually occurs from diabetes and high blood pressure.

Other things we see quite often usually in an "Urgent" scenario,

  1. Infections- usually some form of a "pink eye," or lid infection.


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