Routine eye exams

Comprehensive routine eye exams are a must for everyone.  What does this mean and why?  First of all we all have seen the child who did not realize that what they were seeing was actually not what everyone else was seeing.  All of the staff at the Eye Clinics of South Texas have seen the smile of the young,  who for the first time realize that there are actually leaves on a tree after receiving their first pair of glasses or the more experience generation not realizing how poor their vision was from their cataract until after surgery and again seeing the beautiful colors of the rainbow.  With this in mind everyone should have at least one comprehensive routine eye exam every year.

The Eye Clinics of South Texas staff  want to make sure you keep seeing the leaves and rainbows, because there are numerous diseases that can rob you of your precious vision. Diseases such as Glaucoma, is a major player in causing blindness, and is call the "thief of sight" as it can cause a person to wake up one morning and be blind, and you never had any prior warning or symptoms.  Only an eye exam taken during your comprehensive exam will find this "thief", Glaucoma.

There are many  Diseases that can be detected during a comprehensive exam, so don't wait until it is too late!!!!

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